The Southern-Ontario rock group Crown Lands is releasing their new single “End Of The Road”, with a new video dedicated to the missing or murdered Indigenous women, girls and two-spirits in British Columbia.

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The video features narration by Canadian Inuk singer Tanya Tagaq, explaining the background of the plight of the missing women. Yellowhead Highway 16 in British Columbia is also known as the Highway of Tears. “There is a 720 km stretch of road where over 40 cases of disappearance or murder have taken place. All of the victims women. Many of them Indigenous,” Tagaq narrates.

The video features a cast of Indigenous dancers, which the band says represent the souls of the missing and murdered women and the red dresses worn are inspired by The RED Dress Project. The project brings attention to the high amount of violent crimes against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQ+ members.

The band hopes that the new single will help portray the band as allies to Indigenous communities, by bringing awareness and education on these issues. Guitarist Kevin Comeau says, “We don’t claim to have any answers, but we want to use our voice to bring awareness and help make a difference.”

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The single is part of the band’s debut album Crown Lands which will be released on August 13.