Katy Perry co-hosted a virtual nutrition panel with wellness brand Bragg, alongside Nutritionist McKel Kooienga this week.

The livestream focused on the many useful benefits of the brand’s hero product, apple cider vinegar (ACV). From daily uses like washing veggies to washing hair, Perry and Kooienga talk all about the health product and share their personal stories throughout the interactive experience.

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“I take two things every morning… one of them is celery juice, and [Bragg’s] Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey. We dilute it with water, and that’s what I drink before I drink anything – even coffee! It has done wonders for my whole immune system. Like, I used to make fun of my Mom, and now I’m turning into my Mom!” said the pregnant star.

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“My fiancé and I have done research on what we’re going to use as far as cleaning the nursery and I think we’re going to use [Bragg’s] apple cider vinegar to be completely honest, which is what my mother implemented as well,” Perry shared.

Perry revealed, “My top three favourite Bragg products are the apple cider vinegar, olive oil and liquid amino acids.”

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“Health is wealth! We’re realizing that to be one of the most important things these days,” said Perry.

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