Cassie Randolph’s Friend And Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Is Grilled On Colton Underwood Split

Former “The Bachelor” contestant Demi Burnett is opening up about why her friend Cassie Randolph and “Bachelor” Colton Underwood broke up.

During an episode of the “Chicks In The Office” podcast, Burnett, who was also a contestant on Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor”, says Randolph was tight-lipped on the situation.

“I probably asked her like 50 times, ‘Why’d you guys break up?’ She would not talk about it,” says Burnett. “She is so respectful of that privacy they had.”

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Burnett admits that despite refusing to reveal any details about the separation, Randolph sang Underwood’s praises: “She had nothing bad to say about him. She cried at one point and she was just like, ‘It’s really hard.’ I know she cares about him so much. I don’t even know what happened.”

The couple separated in May of this year, but have remained secretive on the nature of the break-up.

Recently, however, the exes have been interacting on a number of public social posts. Randolph accused Underwood of trying to “monetize” their separation.

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Burnett commented that she thinks “that’s ridiculous because she didn’t even say anything about the relationship at all,” and that “he was just, like, being petty and trying to get a reaction out of her.” Adding, that she’s proud of Randolph for the way she responded to Underwood on her Instagram story.

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