Yungblud has just dropped a new single, and he’s looking back into the British punk in invasion of the late 1970s for inspiration.

On Thursday, he unveiled his new single “Strawberry Lipstick”, along with a music video for the new track, which will be included on his upcoming album when it arrives later this year.

Directed by Christian Breslauer, the video also Yungblud‘s band and singer/songwriter Jesse Jo Stark, and features the 22-year-old singer decked out like The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious, sporting a Union Jack outfit, spiked-up hairstyle and an even-spikier dog collar around his neck.

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Meanwhile, Yungblud has been keeping busy during the coronavirus pandemic. Among his new projects: making videos for his new YouTube channel “Stay Home With: Yungblud”.

In addition, Rolling Stone reports that he’s also working on another YouTube project, “The Yungblud Show”, which will reportedly feature special guests and live performances from the Yungblud and his friends.

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