Tish Cyrus is one proud mama, and gushed about her daughter’s newfound sobriety during a chat with Barstool Sports’ “Chicks in the Office” podcast.

During the discussion, Cyrus explained how the financial stability brought on by her husband Billy Ray Cyrus’ successful music career allowed her the freedom to focus on being a mother.

“And I think that that’s probably what made it work the best is because I could still be their mom and ground them,” she said of her children.

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She continued by expressing her pride at the place where daughter Miley is at right now.

“Listen, everybody thinks Miley is like this wild thing. First of all, Miley doesn’t even smoke pot anymore. She smokes CBD only. She doesn’t drink. She’s the cleanest person I know. She’s like, she’s just so solid,” she explained.

“And of course, she grew up in the public,” she said of Miley. “And there were those times where she was pushing the boundaries. And we were arguing and I was punishing her you know, just being a full momma bear. But I think she always knew that I did those things because I loved her. And so it just worked.”

The grown-up, sober version of Miley, she added, “is just so unbelievable, she’s just incredible. That’s all I can say about her. She likes yoga and working out, eats clean and all this.”

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Looking at the woman that her daughter’s become fills her with pride. “So whatever I did, I feel like I did right,” she said. “And, you know, now I’m in the throes with Noah, who’s 20. So it is hard, but I think you have to be the mom first.”

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