KiKi Layne can currently be seen alongside Charlize Theron in Netflix’s female-led action-adventure “The Old Guard”, but that’s not the 28-year-old actress’ only high-profile role.

On Thursday night, she appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and discussed her upcoming turn as the daughter of Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem in the long-awaited sequel to “Coming to America”.

“It was incredible,” said Layne of being on the set with Murphy and a cast that includes Wesley Snipes and Arsenio Hall. “I was surrounded by people who are truly masters of their craft.”

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She also offers a bit of a spoiler about her character. “I do kick a little a** in ‘Coming to America’,” she teased. “Just slide that in there.”

Having first seen the original when she was “way younger than I should have been,” she said that being a part of the sequel has been a rare experience.

“It’s such a classic and these are all people that love that first film, love working together,” she added. “And so, you know, to be able to witness this family reunion of sorts, and then to be invited to be part of that family… it’s special, it’s so special.”

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