Ever since Dan Stevens starred in cult-hit “The Guest” back in 2014, fans have been dying to know if a sequel is ever going to happen.

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The movie follows a teenager who becomes dubious of a mysterious soldier (Stevens) after a string of suspicious deaths.

While Stevens likes the idea of working with “The Guest” creators Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard again, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that a new collaboration wouldn’t strictly have to involve a sequel.

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He explained: Unfortunately, Adam is a little busy with some giant apes and monsters at the moment (‘Godzilla vs. Kong’). But we’ve all sort of been looking at ways we can get back together in some way, and I think it will happen as soon as we can make it happen. I don’t know about whether that will necessarily be a sequel to ‘The Guest'”.

Revealing that something fresh could be coming from the team very soon, he continued: “I don’t know how that would look, but we’ve got a few other things up our sleeves, perhaps, before then.”

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Stevens also stars in new Netflix comedy “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”.

Speaking about working with Will Ferrell on the movie, he added: ” I love getting my teeth into comedy, and it’s something I’m looking to do more of — a musical comedy, especially. I’m a huge fan of Will Ferrell, always have been. This was just so much fun and so silly. It’s a pretty joyous film, I think. It’s just pure silliness.”