After teasing the reveal of her new hairstyle, Tiffany Haddish shared a glowing picture of herself with her head shaved.

“Just Loving my new look thought I’d share it with y’all. The best part is when water hits my head it feels like kisses from God. #sheready for more of Gods Love!” Haddish captioned the photo.

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Leading up the big reveal, the comedian posted a number of clips of the cutting of her once long locks. “I cut all my hair off cause I want to see my Scalp . I know my whole body I know where every mole is but I don’t know my Scalp,” Haddish said.

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Some questioned the motives behind the drastic change, asking if she was okay.

“Nothing is wrong with my brain, you guys. I’m not suffering from no emotional s***, nothing. Anybody that knows me, knows me, knows that I’ve been talking about this for a long time,” she clarified.

She also noted that “The Card Counter” director Paul Schrader was fine with her wearing wigs while resuming filming on her upcoming movie.