Two days after the surprise wedding of her daughter, Princess Beatrice, the Duchess of York has a story to tell. That story, however, isn’t about a wedding, but a donkey.

It’s all part of Sarah Ferguson’s “Storytime with Fergie and Friends”, a new YouTube channel that Sarah Ferguson launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in which she reads children’s stories and occasionally shares directions for making sandwiches, biscuits and other types of food.

For her latest tale, Ferguson reads The Dinky Donkey by Craig Smith, and to say that she’s into it is an understatement.

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In fact, she acts out scenes while interacting with a stuffed toy donkey, and enthusiastically tackles the book’s numerous tongue-twisters, such as “inky-blinky punky dinky donkey.”

Prior to the video being uploaded to YouTube, the duchess announced her latest story on Instagram. Given that it was her first social media post since the wedding, the comments were full of congratulatory messages from fans.

“Storytime with Fergie and Friends” launched in mid-April, but hasn’t exactly been setting the internet ablaze.

Her reading of The Dinky Donkey has accumulated less than 350 views, while past stories aren’t much better, including 745 views for Peepo!, 539 for Oi Frog, 379 for Ada Twist, Scientist and 545 for Winnie the Pooh’s Pocket.

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