One of pop culture’s great films, “Clueless”, is celebrating its 25th anniversary but Alicia Silverstone is remembering what is what like to work with the late Brittany Murphy.

Murphy died in 2009 at only 32 years old.

Silverstone felt that Murphy was “so great for the part” of Tai Frasier.

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Speaking to Vogue, Silverstone added, “I can’t remember how many girls came in to audition for Tai that day and I don’t know if I saw a few girls for it or just her, but I remember Brittany being really adorable. She’s so good at the little accent because she had one already, but I think she just pushed it to new heights.”

“I found her so wonderful and I said to [director] Amy [Heckerling] right away, ‘I think she’s the one! She was the best one, you guys!’ hoping they would agree. She was like, ‘Uh, yeah duh. Of course, she was the best, she’s the one.'”

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Despite the movie being about a bunch of high school students, Murphy and Silverstone were the only real teenagers.

“I remember her mom was on set a lot. I brought my mom around a little bit and we would all spend time together. But I don’t think we had any intellectual idea about us being up-and-comers in a big movie because we didn’t know we were in a big movie,” she said. “Maybe other people knew, but I was so innocent and never really paying attention to career stuff at all. I was just doing another job. It was a really great acting part that was different because… Well, first of all, I didn’t know I was funny.”

CPImages/Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection
CPImages/Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

Silverstone also dished on the 64 costume changes her character Cher had and how she didn’t appreciate them because her “fashion sense was so bleh.”