Sia only had lovely things to say about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian during a recent interview.

The singer joined Boston’s Mix 104.1’s “Karson & Kennedy Talk with Famous People” where she spoke about attending West’s Sunday Services.

“When I met them, I felt safe; it was so weird, I felt safe,” Sia, 44, said of meeting Kardashian and West through Jennifer Lopez.

“I love those girls … I only met them in the last couple of years but the last couple of years have been hard,” Sia said. “And I was doing a lot of complex PTSD trauma recovery in the last three years. I didn’t realize all of my diagnoses had been wrong. I’ve only ever had complex PTSD.”

Sia also spent time with the couple after the services.

“And I would be with them on Sundays, and a group of their friends, and afterward, sometimes we would go to Kourtney’s house and swim and hang out and I just felt really safe,” she added.

When it came to Sia performing during one service, Kardashian was “really protective” of her and her image as an artist.

“If she thought anyone in the group was gonna try to ask me for a selfie or was gonna try to FaceTime their children with me, she was extremely protective,” Sia said.

“I was so shocked and also grateful she intervened in a situation that she didn’t need to because it wasn’t actually happening but she thought someone was about to try and exploit me on her property. And I, just, couldn’t believe it.”