Dame Vivienne Westwood showed her support for Julian Assange this week with a grand gesture.

On Tuesday morning, the 79-year-old fashion designer dressed as a canary and got inside a cage suspended in the air to protest the extradition of the Wikileaks co-founder.

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Westwood also appeared on “Good Morning Britain” to talk about her protest, taking the show to task for their representation of Assange.

“He’s been trapped and it’s been a collusion of all the governments involved: America, Britain, and Sweden,” she said. “And from the very beginning, starting with a honey trap, he’s been completely trapped. It’s a set up organized by the CIA.”

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Vivienne Westwood. Photo: REUTERS/Peter Nicholls
Vivienne Westwood. Photo: REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Westwood’s protest took place outside the iconic Old Bailey criminal court in London, where, according to the Telegraph, Assange is set to fight his extradition case this September.

If extradited, Assange would face trial in the U.S. over the publication of information and documents related to American foreign policy.