Donald Trump said a lot of wild stuff in his sit-down with Fox News’ Chris Wallace over the weekend.

Thankfully, late-night hosts were here on Monday to break down the disastrous interview with plenty of laughs.

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On “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, the host took on Trump’s refusal to say whether he would accept the results of the election in November.

“So much of our democratic system relies on norms, and Trump freely just shatters all of them,” Meyers said. “For example, as Joe Biden opened up a 15-point lead in new polls, Trump said on Sunday he would not necessarily accept the outcome of the election as legitimate — because mail-in balloting, a thing Americans, including Trump himself, have been doing for a century and a half, might somehow ‘rig’ the election.”

Meyers also poked fun at Trump’s view of the Black Lives Matter protests, as well as a moment in 2016 when Trump defended the Chinese government’s response to the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

“The Tiananmen Square protests were peaceful demonstrations led by students calling for democratic reforms,” Meyers said. “But Trump sees any peaceful challenge to the status quo as a riot instigated by terrorists. Which is how despots talk.”

He added, “This guy is so detached from reality, everything in his yogurt brain is a Steven Seagal movie. ‘Portland is ‘Under Siege’, so I had to go ‘Above The Law’, make an ‘Executive Decision’ to send an ‘Attack Force’ ‘Out For Justice’.”

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Meanwhile, on “The Daily Show”, Trevor Noah ripped into Trump’s false claim that Biden is proposing to “defund the police.”

“It is priceless seeing Trump flail around, trying to find a fact that he made up,” Noah said. “And it actually shows you how his brain just kind of mixes up everything he reads into one big information smoothie. Because clearly, he read that Biden wants to abolish immigration detention, and he also read that Biden wants police reform — and then his brain just meshed them up into: ‘Biden wants to abolish the police.'”

He also joked about Trump and Wallace’s back-and-forth on taking a cognitive ability test.

“This is sort of making me sad right now,” Noah said, “because Trump is trying so hard to claim he’s a genius because he passed a test where you have to identify an elephant, which, let’s be honest, even for Trump, is too easy. I mean if they wanted to test Trump, they shouldn’t have asked him to identify an elephant; they should have asked him to identify his second daughter.”