Katy Perry Says Orlando Bloom Is The ‘Only One’ Who Can Handle Her Dark Moods: ‘I’m A Lot’

Katy Perry discussed quashing her feud with Taylor Swift, pregnancy, mental health, and more during an interview with Howard Stern Tuesday.

According to Billboard, Perry, who is expecting a baby girl with fiancé actor Orlando Bloom, spoke about her battle with depression.

She told Stern Bloom was the “only one” who could handle her dark moods.

“I showed him all of it and he still shows up and he’s not phased by it,” she said. “That’s why he’s perfect, because I’m a lot.”

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Perry hasn’t revealed her due date but said the baby was coming “soon” and said she’s “not anxious at all about it”: “I feel super blessed.”

The musician is set to release her sixth studio album Smile on August 14.

“This record has been interesting to put out because it’s during these Looney Tunes times, it’s during a pandemic, a racial revolution, an election year and I’m delivering a baby at the same time,” she told Stern.

Swift then discussed Swift, with whom she famously buried the hatchet in 2018 after feuding for years.

She said they wanted to make amends to set an example to young girls.

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“It’s hard for young girls growing up, [with] cliques and high school and pettiness and all that stuff, so now we’re super friendly and I’ve always wanted the best for her and we can talk about the best we want for each other,” she shared.

“Gossip and lies, they take the elevator. But truth takes the stairs… time will tell my story,” Perry said while discussing the past feud. “What I’m so grateful for is that we did get to make up and we made up publicly to be an example of redemption.”

Perry’s interview came as she showed off her baby bump in a series of photos on Instagram.

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