Natalie Maines promises you will never see The Chicks at the CMA Awards again.

The frontwoman of the country trio, formally known as The Dixie Chicks, joined Howard Stern on Monday’s episode of Howard Stern’s “The Howard Stern Show” and recalled the “bulls**t” backlash following her performance with Beyonce at the 2016 CMA Awards.

“It was such a weird vibe in that building. We hadn’t done anything like country award shows or anything since the controversy,” Maines explained referring to The Chicks’ comments about then-President George Bush. “So I guess they can rate those shows but the 15 minutes – and it’s the highest-rated 15 minutes in CMA history.”

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Maines continued, “But then they start getting racist a**holes bombarding their website with comments and emails, so they took her down! They took our performance down and caved to that bulls**t. But then they got so much bad press for doing that and within 24 hours they put it back up again. Just cowards. She just gave you your greatest ratings that you’ve ever gotten, how dare you take her song off?”

But despite the aftermath, Maines said working with Beyonce was a great moment.

“Let me just say, the week we worked with Beyonce is the single greatest working week of my professional life,” she told Stern. “It was awesome. To watch her world and to see how she does stuff – she’s a perfectionist! And to see the power she has a female, and as a Black female, is incredible.”

Maines, Beyonce and her Chicks bandmates, Martie Erwin Maguire and Emily Strayer, Beyonce’s hit track “Daddy Lessons” on stage at the 2016 CMA Awards.