A better politics is possible, according to Chris Evans.

The “Captain America” star was on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Tuesday night to talk about his civic engagement site A Starting Point and what he hopes to achieve with it.

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With the site, Evans is offering a platform where politicians give answers to basic questions about their policy positions on a range of subjects so that citizens can better understand their country’s politics.

Talking about the “uphill battle” of getting politicians on board with the project, the actor admitted, “Being Captain America didn’t hurt. That was the string we were really playing on the whole time. It was nice to use that in a way that got us in the door but didn’t add any pressure.

“In the film world, when you show up, if you’re making a movie or in a rehearsal, first day of filming, there’s an expectation. I don’t think anyone expected much out of me in D.C., so when the expectations are low, that’s where I thrive.”

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Evans hopes the site will give politicians a platform for real debate on ideas and policies, without the problems of normal cable news punditry.

“When you read something online, you start questioning: What’s the agenda, what’s the bias, where’s the money?” he said of his choice to pursue politicians over experts. “I want to remove as much subjectivity as possible and allow the connectivity between elected officials and the electorate [to] exist more clearly.

“Politicians may not be an expert in every single field, but they’re still the ones voting on policy,” he explained. “They’re the ones affecting your life, and I think the American people should know who those players are.

“Some people are so divided and polarized right now. I thought maybe leaning on information, leaning on the north star of truth, might be a more effective starting point.”