Tim McGraw surprised health care workers with an epic performance.

“Today” shared a sneak peek of “The Drop In” Spotify clip, along with details Wednesday before the full episode premiered.

The country crooner told the COVID-19 nurses: “I know some of you guys are off and wondering why you’re having to call in on a day off. Hopefully, I’m not messing it up too much.”

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McGraw said how much he appreciated all their hard work.

“I just wanted to say thank you and what great work you guys are doing,” he told the group.

“Most importantly, for me, it’s an inspiration to my daughters. As they go out into the world, they can see what you guys do. And that’s one of the bright lights, I think, through all of this, being able to see how much people care, how hard people work, how selfless people can be — especially you guys, our front-line workers who put their lives on the line and take care of people. And you give our kids something to emulate as they go forward in life.”

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“I know you guys have extra care for your family, going home to your families and stuff,” McGraw continued. “I know that that weighs on you when you go home from work. I guess that’s a constant thought with you guys, with the work that you do.

“I see the hours that you work, we see it every day and hear about it every day. And I hope that you guys feel lifted up.”

McGraw then sang his track “I Called Mama”, explaining: “There are a lot of great people who do a lot of great things, and you guys are at the top of the heap. And thank you for inspiring my daughters. I really appreciate that just as much as anything in the world I could ever say.”

McGraw regularly voices his appreciation for frontline workers, telling Ellen DeGeneres back in May how his daughter Maggie had been volunteering with the Nashville non-profit Feed the Front Line, which provides meals to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.