Jason Derulo is loving life as a free agent after departing from a decade-plus record deal.

Derulo, 30, caught up with Zane Lowe of Apple Music’s “Beats 1” to dish on the future of his music career. The “Talk Dirty” singer has communicated with various record labels, but said he is enjoying the freedom that comes with being an independent artist.

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“It’s a little tricky because I was in a label situation for 12 years,” Derulo told Lowe. “And back in March, I was finally able to get out of that situation. I’m a free agent. I’ve been doing different songs with different labels. And at this moment, I’m just enjoying that freedom and we’ll see where it takes us. But for now, I’m enjoying this.”

“I think it’s really cool, man. And I really do believe that the sky’s the limit and I could probably do it on my own for sure,” he added. “But I do think where my goals lie are with a label, just having that one team that I consider family and we kind of hit the ground running together as opposed to working with different people all the time. I think it’s important to just have that one synergy.”

Derulo is also investing time into his budding film career. He starred alongside Ian McKellen and Judi Dench in “CATS” and can be seen next to Samuel L. Jackson and Neil Patrick Harris in the autobiographical film “Spinning Gold”. Unfortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down his film ambitions.

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“It’s an unfortunate situation because I’m just trying to get my feet wet into the film industry,” Derulo said. “But the times have put a tremendous hold on that. So yeah. Hopefully, if everything gets back together, I can go back to filming. These movies that I started. So yeah, I’m doing one with Samuel Jackson. I’m doing another one where I’m playing Ron Isley in the film.”

“It’s quite a bit, man, but everything got put on hold,” he concluded. “It’s stopped.