Texts sent from Amber Heard to her mother Paige were revealed Thursday as Johnny Depp’s libel trial against the Sun publication continued.

According to the Guardian, Heard sent the messages on March 23, 2013, after Depp went on a 36-hour cocaine and whisky binge in his Los Angeles home.

Heard recalled how Depp reportedly “refused to leave the breakfast room. He was snorting cocaine and drinking whisky. He wanted me to admit that I was having an affair with my ex-partner [Tasya van Ree] and another gentleman I barely knew.

“He had done cocaine and drink for well over a day, for about 36 hours, and at the time I was unfamiliar with his patterns.”

Credit: EPA/NEIL HALL/CP Images
Credit: EPA/NEIL HALL/CP Images

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Heard texted her mother, “It’s terrible, Mom, I don’t know what to do. He’s nuts, Mom, violent and crazy. I’m heartbroken that this is who I love.”

She later added, “It’s OK. He’s not being violent to me. The crazy mood swings are hard to handle.”

As News Group representative Sasha Wass, QC, asked whether she was being 100 per cent truthful, Heard admitted she was not.

“I was trying to talk to someone who might know how it felt,” she said.

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She told the court, “My father was violent to my mother… and they really loved each other.”

Heard also told her mom via text, “I feel really lost and lonely. He’s a madman. I feel I’m on a fastening train but I don’t want to jump off. I stay on the train even though I know it’s about to explode.”

She added, “My heart is broken. [Johnny Depp] didn’t hit me last night. I told him that would be it if he did. It’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Heard, again, admitted it was completely true, as she didn’t want her mom to know about all the attacks.

She later texted: “He makes Dad look like a saint when he falls off the wagon.”

Heard then told the court: “My dad struggled with alcohol and abuse issues his whole life. He’s an addict and he was very violent, but I love him very much.”

Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez also told the court Thursday that she “begged” the actress not to go through with her marriage to Depp, the BBC reported.

Henriquez said, “Him [Mr. Depp] putting a ring on her finger was not going to stop him hitting her.”

Despite her saying she liked him at first, with Depp even calling her “sis,” she said Heard and the actor’s relationship was “tumultuous from the start.”

Henriquez explained in her statement: “I wasn’t aware of violence at the beginning, but I do remember Amber talking about them having big fights and being concerned for my sister.

“Amber told me that they would [verbally] fight — sometimes for days on end — and then go days without speaking to each other.”

Depp is suing the Sun over an article that described him as a “wife-beater” — something he strongly denies.

Depp and Heard met on the set of the 2011 comedy “The Rum Diary” and married in Los Angeles in February 2015. Heard, a model and actress, filed for divorce the following year, and the divorce was finalized in 2017.

The case continues.