Guy Ritchie will have to pick up cycling.

Ritchie, 51, was caught texting while behind the wheel. A cyclist, identified as Mike van Erp, rode up to the driver’s seat window and began filming the “Aladdin” filmmaker. It is unclear whether the cyclist recognized Ritchie at any point.

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“Hello my friend,” Ritchie tells the cyclist after rolling down his window, moments after realizing Erp’s presence. “Shalom,” Erp replied, eliciting a “Shalom” from Ritchie. “I don’t think you should be using your text messages while you are driving,” Erp scolded Ritchie. “I saw you doing it back there as well.”

The video cuts out after the man moves off the road and onto the sidewalk.

“I spotted this driver texting on his phone. I stopped and whilst waiting for traffic to clear could clearly see the driver typing on his phone,” Erp said in a statement published by the Evening Standard. “I then crossed to the driver’s side where I saw his iPhone lit up with the classic blue and grey message bubbles of Apple iMessage, with text, and a message in process of being typed but not sent.”

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Ritchie reportedly had nine points on his driver’s licence already, per court documents obtained by the Evening Standard. The points are from three speeding offences between March 2017 and December 2019.

The filmmaker allegedly pleaded guilty in writing to the latest offence and was banned from driving for six months. ET Canada has reached out to Ritchie’s rep for comment.