Dua Lipa chowed down on some “Hotter Than Hell” wings while taking on the infamous “Hot Ones” challenge.

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The  24-year-old singer had a “Physical” reaction to the increasingly spicy chicken wings.

“I feel like I’m sweating now, like under my eyes,” she told host Sean Evans as the Scoville Level hit 135,600.

During the interview, Lipa revealed that she once danced on stage with Katy Perry back when she was 15.

“She was inviting people up on stage to go and dance with her and I was like ‘I have to do it!’,” she recalled.

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“I jumped up on stage, danced with her and made my whole life.”

Lipa also opened up about her obsession with 50 Cent and G-Unit.

“When 50 Cent came down to perform in Kosovo, he was one of the first artists that I ever saw perform live,” she said.

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“I really though Tony Yayo was for some reason going to come out of jail and show up in Kosovo. I was like ‘This is the night. It’s happening, I know he’s gonna show up!’ Fortunately he didn’t. 50 did an amazing show. Love 50!”