With six seasons in the books, the cast of History Canada’s “Vikings” is reflecting on the show’s success.

On Friday, writer and creator Michael Hirst, Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Alex Ludwig, Clive Standen, and Jordan Patrick Smith came together virtually for a panel discussion during Comic-Con @ Home where they opened up about heir favourite moments from, their favourite fan interactions, and what makes “Vikings” so remarkable.

“It’s crazy when you step away how much you miss things,” Winnick said. “It’s not like here’s a script and here are the words you have to say, which a lot of shows do. Here you’re so invested in building something that’s a legacy within your character.”

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A historical drama, “Vikings” follows the world of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer who yearns to explore distant lands across the ocean. With the support of his family and fellow warriors, Ragnar is able to successfully raid England.

“We’re so lucky, all of us, being in a show that we could age as well,” Fimmel said. “There’s not many shows where you get to do that.”

Reflecting on his experience on set, Smith added that his first introduction to “Vikings” was being slapped by his co-star.

“I do remember my first day on set because that was when Travis Fimmel slapped me 45 times.”

Unfortunately the show will not be back for a seventh season, but you can watch the full panel up top and you can catch full episodes on History.ca. Don’t miss the season six trailer below.