Amanda Kloots is starting a new chapter of her life.

On July 5, Kloots’ husband Nick Cordero died after a lengthy and complicated battle with COVID-19.

Before he fell ill, the couple bought a new home together in Los Angeles where they planned to raise their son, Elvis, 13-months-old.

“Heading back to Los Angeles today with a brave face. These next couple weeks I will start the transition of moving into the home Nick and I bought together. I’m not expecting this to be easy, in fact I think it will be very hard, but I’m going into it knowing I need to be strong,” Kloots wrote on Instagram.

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She added that she knows Cordero will be with them in spirit.

“I have to find my new normal, at least whatever that is for Elvis and I right now. I know Nick will be with us. He wanted to live in this house more than anything so I’ll put lots of family photos up and make sure his presence is with us,” she said.

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The family was in the process of moving from New York to L.A. when Cordero became sick. Their belongings went into storage “because Nick went into the ICU and I couldn’t accept the delivery.”