Justin Bieber is reaching out to Kanye West.

On Saturday, the “Yummy” singer was spotted in Wyoming, with two of Bieber’s tour buses travelling to West’s ranch in Cody.

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According to reports, Bieber was spotted getting off his bus and being greeted by West, who invited Bieber into his recording studio.

Mega Agency
Mega Agency

West tweeted a photo of himself and Bieber sitting together.

“DD & JB discussing the new spray foam wall prototypes on the YZY campus,” he wrote in the caption.

Bieber has been friendly with West for awhile, even appearing at one of his Sunday services.

It’s not known whether Bieber’s visit is to show support during a turbulent time for the rapper, or if they’re working together on a musical collaboration.

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West had announced plans to release a new album, Donda, on Friday, but appeared to delay the release when the album didn’t drop as expected.