Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back as older versions of Bill and Ted in the upcoming comedy/sci-fi “Bill & Ted Face The Music”.

During the Comic-Con @ Home panel discussion on Saturday, Reeves and Winter joined the creative mind of the series and moderator filmmaker Kevin Smith for a discussion about the dynamics of the third film, after all these years have passed since the first “Bill & Ted” premiered in 1989.

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Writer Ed Solomon expressed the uncertainty he had in the casting crew as it would be difficult to find Bill and Ted, two very specific characters.

“It was hard for us to imagine who would take the characters over and we were not involved in the casting process or anything, and the movie was about to shoot and we were in line at a McDonalds and we were actually complaining to each other like, ‘I bet whoever they cast is never gonna be able to do it the way we hoped,'” Solomon confessed.

“Then there were these two guys in front of us in line at McDonalds, just goofing off and talking to each other and Chris (writer Chris Matheson) and I were like, ‘now those should be the people that play Bill and Ted.’ And then we ended up on set for the first rehearsal and it was Alex and Keanu,” Solomon said about the “unbelievable” coincidence.

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Reeves spoke about his long-running connection on set with Winter and what it’s like to work with him time after time. “I can’t feel or laugh or do anything like the way that working on ‘Bill and Ted’ does and working with Alex.”

“That doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world for me,” said Reeves.

Winter talked about his relationship with Bill and Ted saying, “internally, they’re really fun to play.” He then went on to share some difficulties he experienced this time around.

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“The movie was really hard physically,” Winter revealed. “You know, we’re older and the script was more physical than the first two for Keanu and myself, especially, so it was super physical and I remember maybe about halfway through week one, we were shooting one of the iterations of our former selves and I just remember we got into the characters. It’s this sort of rocker character that we play in this one sequence, and we just kind of like went off and I remember coming off set and kind of looking at him and looking at me like, ‘Bill and Ted are f***** bad,'” Winter reflected.

“Bill & Ted Face The Music” premieres On Demand and in theatres on Sept. 1.