Mark Hamill Snuck His Actual Phone Number Into First ‘Star Wars’ Movie

The first “Star Wars” movie, later retitled “A New Hope”, contains a very special series of digits: Mark Hamill’s actual phone number.

Marvel editor Jordan D. White took to Twitter to share some old quotes from the actor, who played Luke Skywalker in the blockbuster sci-fi franchise.

In the excerpt, Hamill discusses improvisational aspects within the film, including the scene in which the characters are trying to escape from a giant trash compactor before it flattens them.

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“In the scene where we’re trying to get out of the garbage masher, I was supposed to say, ‘Threepio, open the…’ and give this long serial number,” Hamill explained.

“So I had planned all along to say, ‘2—,’ so my [own] number would be forever preserved on film,” he added.

“But the way the scene was blocked the day of, I wasn’t near the door — so Harrison [Ford] got to say the line and he started doing his number and that really burned me up,” Hamill admitted.

“I said to him, ‘Come on, say mine, I thought of it!’ But he kept doing his own and I got madder,” he continued.

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Eventually, Hamill was able to persuade his co-star. “Finally, Harrison read my number and said, ‘Happy now, you big baby?’” recalled Hamill. “And I laughed because I felt busted ’cause I’d been acting like a two-year-old.”

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