The trailer for Kevin Smith’s horror-comedy anthology is here.

During Saturday’s Comic-Con @ Home, the actor, comic book writer and filmmaker dropped the first look at “Killroy Was Here” which he directed and wrote and stars Azita Ghanizada, Ryan O’Nan, Harley Quinn Smith, Chris Jericho and Justin Kucsulain.

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“It has got a theme that runs through it in as much as our monster Killroy and all these little stories that happen around him and he’s kind of like a kid Avenger,” Smith said. “If you f**k with kids, Kilroy will show up.”

The anthology is inspired by the World War II cartoon Kilroy Was Here and follows a monster and defender of kids names Killroy who lives in Florida.

“He looks wonderfully goofy,” Smith added. “He’s got to ultimately look like that Kilroy drawing.”

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“Killroy Was Here” was shot in Sarasota, Florida in collaboration with Ringling College of Art and Design and Smith talked about what it was like working with the students there.

“I loved the energy, I loved the kids. People who are getting ready to make movies still have that same mindset that I have. I still love doing it.”

You can watch the trailer and the full Comic-Con talk up top.