Kate Beckinsale found a unique way to celebrate her 47th birthday Sunday.

The actress perfected the “Dirty Dancing” routine with her cat, with her sharing a sweet video of her dancing along to “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” before nailing that iconic move.

Beckinsale thanked people for their “love, friendship and kindness” in her Instagram caption, writing how she’d been crying so much before adding: “THANK YOU I LOVE YOU.”

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Beckinsale’s cats regularly make appearances in her social media posts.

Back in February, Beckinsale posted a clip of herself dancing along to Bananarama’s “Love In The First Degree”, while her cat Willow sat in a banana basket appearing unimpressed.

Last month, the star threw a birthday party to celebrate her Canadian boyfriend Goody Grace’s 23rd birthday, again, getting her cats involved.

Grace was a huge fan of Beckinsale’s “Dirty Dancing” Instagram post, with him saying how much he loved her in the comments. The likes of Meghan Trainor, Jeremy Renner and Sara Foster also left happy birthday messages.

Credit: Instagram/Kate Beckinsale
Credit: Instagram/Kate Beckinsale
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