Joey King Belts Out Eminem Song In Operatic Voice For ‘Ellen’ Clip

Joey King is a woman of many talents.

The “Kissing Booth” actress proved she can sing a rap song in an operatic voice, as she belted out Eminem’s “Without Me” for an “Ellen Show” “Bet or Bummer” video.

King also had to complete many other random tasks, including moving an oreo from her eye to her mouth in less than 30 seconds, which she did, and balance a broom on the palm of her hand for at least 20 seconds, which she didn’t.

The star also dished the dirt on her worst date: “I feel bad, I was with a friend of mine and we’re still friends. It was bad because I didn’t know it was a date, and then at the end of the date I was asked to be dating that person and I was like, ‘Wait, this was a date?’ I feel so bad.”

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She added, “He’s going to watch this!” before revealing they went ice skating and then to dinner where they shared smiley fries.

Other tasks included pulling all of the tissues out of a tissue box in 15 seconds, and retrieving two coins out of a pair of tights, both of which she failed to do.

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See what she had to reveal because she failed to complete the final task in the clip above.

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