Gayle King Warned To Stay Indoors After Bear Scare At Oprah’s House

It would seem that Gayle King isn’t the only guest Oprah Winfrey’s house in Santa Barbara, California.

The CBS News anchor has been spending lockdown at her BFF Oprah’s house, dubbing it the “Santa Barbara Bureau” for her reporting duties. On Monday, King shared a photo and video of her reaction to being told there was a black bear roaming the property.

Unlike King, the bear was presumably not invited to spend the pandemic at Oprah’s house.


The property’s security warned King to stay indoors while the bear was on the loose.

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“A bear bear?” King asks the masked security man at the front door who confirms, yes, it is a bear of a “fair size” at the front of the residence. “It would not be advisable to go out and look right now,” he adds as King laughs, asking if Oprah “has been alerted” to the bear.

The security person confirms Oprah, who does not seem to be at the residence at the time, has been alerted and Santa Barbara sheriffs had been called to see to the bear.

“Okay, that’s funny,” King says as she agrees to stay indoors.




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