Aparna Shewakramani Is Not Surprised By The Backlash On ‘Indian Matchmaking’

“Indian Matchmaking” has only been on Netflix for a week, but Aparna Shewakramani doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to the sudden fame.

The star chatted with Vulture about her time on the show and the backlash she’s received because she can be a little picky when it comes to her dates.

It all started, “About two years ago, my plane was delayed at LAX and I was on Facebook scrolling through mindlessly. A friend of a friend posted, ‘Are you South Asian? Are you looking for your significant other?’ And I thought, Well, yes and yes. She said, ‘Apply to this show, my sister’s on the casting team,’ or whatever it’s called. I applied while literally standing in line, boarded the plane, didn’t think anything of it. A week later or two weeks later — I don’t recall — somebody called me about my application. I thought it was spam. They wanted to Skype, and then the process kicked off with the casting team.”

She added, “I thought it might work. Why not? I thought nothing else has worked. Wouldn’t it be the craziest story if I had to go through all of a TV show?”

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But that backlash was tough for Shewakramani.

“I’m taking it better than on day one,” she said. “I think it’s a process, too, about dealing with social media and the boundaries you want to set and what you want to listen to and what you want to absorb. These are choices that you have. Sometimes they’re not always in my control. Like on Instagram, if I am wanting to engage with all the lovely people and the discourses and the conversations out there, then sometimes I’ll notice or see a comment come in that’s just unnecessarily harsh.”

And she wasn’t really surprised, “I guess I knew people did that, but I’m a little shocked that people do that. That’s not my world. Seven days ago, I didn’t even really watch TV. So this is not my world to imagine that people get so invested in things that they see on television and take it so seriously that they feel so invested in it and then come to say their piece on it. It’s interesting that people feel this way about any show, not just this show.”

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