Regis Philbin really left his mark on late-night.

On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers both paid tribute to the TV icon, who passed away Friday at 88.

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Talking about Philbin on “The Tonight Show”, Fallon said, “He could do everything. He could sing, he was funny — he was really funny. He was an entertainer. He was always game to do a bit or dress up, anything for a laugh. I loved him, my grandparents loved him — they introduced me — my mom and dad loved him.

“He will be remembered as a genuinely nice person, a funny human, a good husband, father, and grandfather. And he always had that smile. And when Irish eyes are smiling, they’ll steal your heart away. Regis, we’ll miss you.”

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On “Late Night”, Meyers recalled, “I was lucky enough to meet Regis a few times and it was a delight how he was exactly the same in person as he was on television.”

He continued, “The most amazing thing about Regis wasn’t his contagious enthusiasm, it was how many years he maintained that contagious enthusiasm. We send our condolences to his wife Joy and the rest of his family. Regis will be missed.”