Jack Osbourne is intent on convincing his parents, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, that paranormal activity exists on “The Osbournes Want To Believe”.

Jack and Ozzy join Sharon on Wednesday’s episode of Global’s “The Talk” to dish on the family’s new show.

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“I’ve always kind of taken it with a piece of salt. I can’t really say I’ve actually seen a ghost,” Ozzy tells the hosts. “Some of the stuff he showed me, I couldn’t believe it.” When asked if he is now a believer, Ozzy replies, “Skeptical but leaning towards it.

Jack shares some of the on-set experiences, leading to amusing banter between the family.

“When we’re filming, my mom turns to me and says, ‘I’ve had two out of body experiences,'” Jack says. Ozzy quips, “I had a lot more than two but it was chemically induced.”

“I had one when I had pneumonia as a kid,” Sharon explains. “I also had a really bad lung disease at the same time and I was out of my body. The next time was years later. I was in the hospital and I was having a blood transfusion. I was sick and I can remember everything they did to bring me back.

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“I was hovering again out of my body looking at the room with the doctors,” she adds. “The doctor said to me, ‘I’ll do anything, just come back, come back.’ When I saw the doctor the next day, I said, ‘You’ll do anything? I want an ice cream’…He was looking at me like, what?”

You can watch the premiere of “The Osbournes Want to Believe” on August 2.