Olivia Munn Digs Out Her ‘X-Men’ Psylocke Sword And Shows Off Some Impressive Moves

With most film and TV production still halted, Olivia Munn is one of many actors with time on her hands these days.

She’s apparently been using that time to do some housecleaning, and in a video she shared on social media on Tuesday she revealed she’d come across something she hadn’t seen in awhile.

“Found something while I was cleaning up the house,” she days, displaying the samurai sword brandished by her “X-Men: Apocalypse” character, Psylocke.

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After posing with the sword for a bit, she begins twirling it, slowly at first but then whipping it around furiously, demonstrating she hadn’t forgotten her sword training for the film.

It all looks very impressive until she accidentally whacks a large painting hanging on the wall behind her — whoops!

While her sword skills may have become a bit rusty, Munn did some extensive training for the 2016 movie — and took it seriously.

“I started training, doing six-seven hours a day of sword and tae kwon do, never picked up a sword before,” she told USA Today. “But it’s really important to me that Psylocke was as believable as possible and that meant to me that I had to really know what I was doing and be strong. And since this is the introduction to the character in the ‘X-Men’ world, the fight scene, for me, was the monologue. It meant everything to me to be able to do it.”

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