Jessica Simpson is opening up about righting a wrong from her past.

In Simpson’s memoir Open Book, published earlier this year, she revealed that she experienced abuse from the daughter of a family friend, taking place when she was aged 6 to 12

Simpson, 40,  appeared on Wednesday’s edition of Katherine Schwarzenegger’s “Gift of Forgiveness” podcast, and explained how she confronted the woman who abused her all those years ago.

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“I would say about eight years ago I confronted her,” Simpson said.

“I went to her and I just said, ‘I know you know what was going on and I know that you were being abused,’ ‘cause she was being abused by an older guy,” Simpson continued.

“And basically, and he was always there at the house as well — he never touched me, but he would abuse her and then she would come to me and do the stuff to me — and so in so many ways I felt bad for her and I was allowing the abuse to happen,” she added.

“I told her in the moment, ‘I know that you have a lot to deal with’ and I told her that I think she should probably talk to someone and find a way to understand those moments and to forgive those moments and to heal from those moments,” she explained. “And [I said], ‘I just want you to know that I forgive you and I don’t really care to be around you that much or ever again, but I do want you to know that, like, I know what happened between us and I’m not gonna live in denial about it.’”

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Added Simpson: “I knew that if I was honest with her, it would clear my conscience. I even sent her the book and I told her that I hope that it brings healing.”

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