Mark Ronson took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a brief video clip of himself chatting with Taylor Swift during the 2016 Grammy Awards.

Ronson, however, hilariously dubbed in the voices of both himself and Swift.

“Oh, what up, Taylor?” says Ronson.

“You gotta hear the new album,” Swift’s faux voice tells him. “S**t is bananas.”

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She adds: “You better bring me that ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ s**t… I’m not f**in’ around… awright, seeya at the party.”

In the caption, Ronson wrote, “Taylor actually telling me about #folklore back in 2016. On tape. Crazy.”

Swift was tickled by Ronson’s tweet.

“Thank you for keeping the secret til now,” she wrote in her retweet, adding some praying hands and laugh-until-you-cry emojis.