Prince Harry wants to see the travel industry become more environmentally sustainable.

In a speech Thursday before the virtual global summit for his Travalyst sustainable tourism project, the royal urged the industry to take on the “responsibility” of reshaping travel for the future.

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“Many of you joining us today rely on visitors for your livelihoods,” Harry said, according to the Daily Mail. “Businesses are hurting significantly, and I’ve heard from some of you who are currently struggling to put food on your family’s tables and make ends meet because there are no tourists and therefore no income.

“We need to build back — but we need to build back better. And that means there’s a responsibility, a responsibility we cannot avoid or dismiss, for us to reshape this industry in a way that benefits everyone and everything for decades to come.”

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“Before the pandemic unfolded we witnessed more and more young people expressing an interest in authentic travel experiences and an ability to partake in trips that are greener, that allow them to support local communities, uphold heritage and protect destinations and cultures,” he said. “This is the future of travel, and a future that Travalyst is here to support and catalyze.”

Harry co-founded Travalyst last fall in partnership with travel brands, Skyscanner, Tripadvisor,, and Visa, operating as a non-profit based in the U.K.