Russell Crowe revealed why his teenage boys chose not to live with him during lockdown as he did an interview with Sunrise Thursday.

Crowe, who has been busy promoting his new film “Unhinged”, said he’d been living close to his parents at the family’s country estate in Nana Glen, New South Wales, Australia.

However, he said his two sons — Charles, 16, and Tennyson, 14 — chose to live with their mom Danielle Spencer in Sydney because you can get Uber Eats there.

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Crowe said, “When I asked the boys, they said they will choose Uber Eats over my paternal care. I wasn’t too impressed about that.

“My boys live with their mom and they’re pretty well settled there,” he added, insisting The Bush is designed for “this situation.”

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Crowe and Spencer married in 2003 before splitting in 2012. They finally got divorced six years later.

Crowe also spoke about almost not doing “Gladiator” 20 years ago “because [the script] wasn’t ready when we started.”

See more in the clip above.