‘Indian Matchmaking’ Cast Reunites And Aparna Clarifies Her Opinion On ‘Good’ Comedy

“Indian Matchmaking” has been taking the world by storm and now the cast is back together.

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This week, the stars of the Netflix reality series reunited to give an update on where they’ve all been since filming wrapped.

One thing that caused controversy on the show was when breakout star Aparna Shewakramani revealed that she cannot stand comedy.

But appearing on the reunion, Aparna clarified that “it’s very hard to find ‘good’ comedy.”

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She added, “I don’t think I’m opposed to humour, but I just think that overall a lot of people are not funny. And they think they are. And they’re not.”

During the reunion, Akshay opened up about his decision to break off his engagement, and Vinay talked about his defensiveness over representing ghosters on the show.

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