LL Cool J linked up with Cheryl “Salt” James of Salt-N-Pepa for an intimate Instagram Live interview on Rock The Bells.

The pair talked about everything from performing on lunch tables in the early days of their careers, to onstage mishaps and friendship with late rapper, Tupac Shakur.

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Curious to know whether or not Salt-N-Peppa were actually calling him out on one of their songs, LL got straight to the point.

“Was y’all talking about me?” he asked, in reference to lyrics on “My Mic Sounds Nice”, which say: “I know you come from Babylon (And you know why?), Cuz you’re a Babble-On MC (That’s right).”

Salt swore that they were not talking about LL, who started his journey in North Babylon, N.Y.

The female rap star also reminisced about a funny memory from the early days of touring with Salt-N-Peppa.

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While performing their song “Our Desire” live on stage, DJ Spinderella forgot to drop the beat, forcing the group to repeat the verse three times.

The band made it look like it was done on purpose and the crowd loved it, although The Fat Boys hiphop group made fun of them backstage.

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Later on in the interview, Salt brought out letters and a photo that Tupac sent to her from prison, telling viewers that this was the first time she had ever shown them to anyone.

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