Fans may have swooned at Jacob Elordi’s chiselled physique in Netflix’s hit rom-com “The Kissing Booth”, but the actor is now admitting he “hated every second” of the gruelling workouts it took to get him there.

While promoting the upcoming sequel, “The Kissing Booth 2”, Elordi told Men’s Health that he “trained extensively for the first film.”

Admitting he “was so terribly nervous” that producers expected him to be in top shape to play Noah Flynn, he began working out twice a day, seven days a week.

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I was super young and got thrown into a world where everyone wanted to talk about my body… it really f**king bothered me,” said Elordi, 23.

“I don’t identify with that whatsoever. I was trying to prove myself and be known as an actor. It was so much working out and I hated every second of it,” he added.

“[‘The Kissing Booth’] was all about sculpting and making sure I had this figure that I thought the character needed,” he explained. “Now, it’s more functional. I wanted to be a blank canvas and be more concerned with my health. I wanted to be able to walk and run with my grandkids when I’m 80-something, you know? It’s more about being functional as opposed to actual aesthetics.”

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He joked, “Let’s be honest — I have no interest in going to the beach and looking like The Rock.”

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