After launching her YouTube channel at the beginning of July, Oscar winner Brie Larson is back with a new video.

In her latest, the actress, 30, undertakes her first workout since hunkering down in quarantine.

She’s joined, virtually, by trainer Jason Walsh, who got her into superhero shape for her role in “Captain Marvel”.

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“I think normalizing and vocalizing where we’re at, no matter what that is, whether that’s talking about food poisoning or talking about menstruating like, wherever you’re at, being able to state who that is to your friend, to your trainer and just say, like, this is my baseline right now and recognizing that every day’s gonna be different and every point in the day could be different,” she says in the video.

While her workout skills look impressive, she confirms in the video’s caption that “this was the first time I worked out all quarantine.”

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She added: “Big thanks to Jason for virtually getting my muscles to ache (and letting me eat a 🍪 as my pre-workout)!”

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