Brian Callan has recorded a video message denying accusations of sexual assault that have been made against him.

In an Instagram video captioned “For my fans,” he said: “I never thought in a million years that I’d be sitting here defending myself against something that I did not do 21 years ago. This is me saying that I categorically and absolutely deny all the allegations against me.”

“Those are not things I would ever do. That is not how I have ever lived my life,” he continued.

Callen also thanked his fans for rallying around him at this time, telling them that it “means so much to me, and to be honest with you, I need them right now.”

Callen, known for his roles on “The Goldbergs” and its spinoff “Schooled”, is the subject of a bombshell report in the Los Angeles Times in which four women accuse him of varying degrees of sexual misconduct.

In the Times story, actor/comedian Katherine Fiore Tigerman claims that Callen raped her in 1999.

In addition, Rachel Green alleges Callen pinned her against the wall of an American Apparel fitting room and tried to force himself on her in 2009, while comedian Tiffany King — who performed at the same comedy club as Callen — claims that he offered her stage time and cash in exchange for sexual favours.

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Meanwhile, a woman who had a four-year affair with Callen while he was married told the Times that Callen once told her that women have a “biological, primal desire to be raped.”

Interestingly, Callen was to have appeared in a new Netflix prank so alongside fellow comedian Chris D’Elia until the show was scrapped in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations lodged against D’Elia.

Comedian Amy Schumer took to Twitter to offer her support to Callen’s accusers, telling Callen to “have a nice day.”

Following the Times‘ investigation, Callen issued a statement denying the allegations.

“Let me be very clear: I have never raped, forced myself upon a woman nor have I offered to trade stage time for sex. EVER. Yes my friend Whitney Cummings and I have ranted ad nauseum about showing her my penis on my podcast, which in no secret to anyone at this point anywhere. As to the woman who claims I raped her 21 years ago: that is demonstrably false. Katherine Fiore and I went on a date. We went to my place. We got intimate and began to have sex at which point she looked at me and said ‘wait, I don’t want to just be a one night stand.’ I immediately stopped and we spoke about her expectations and our 5 year friendship. Several days later Katherine called me and we recapped our evening and hung up as friends. In 2001, she did multiple auditions to play the role of my wife in a television show that would have had us working together every day for years. That is not what rape victims do. And her actions speak volumes,” he stated.

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“Equally false is the mud-slinging from a woman whom I had a prior relationship with, seemingly determined to get her name in the press,” his statement continued. “While there were years of friendly texts and emails exchanges, taking me up on career introductions or her asking to join me at shows, I was clearly not a power player, although her dark false accusations try to paint a different picture. She must have forgotten about the recent email she sent me apologizing for her unrelated misdeeds and promising going forward to only treat me with kindness and respect. I know the truth. And I can only hold my head up high, remain true to myself, my family, my audience and know that I will not allow the cancel culture to subvert what I know and as importantly, what these women know, is the truth.”