Gabrielle Union is calling out her former “America’s Got Talent” co-star Terry Crews for his comments about her after she and Julianne Hough were fired from the show.

In an interview with Jemele Hill’s “Unbothered” podcast, opened up about her allegations of racism and mistreatment during her single season with the show.

After her firing, Crews told “Today” that he personally had no issues with “AGT”, calling working on the talent competition “the best experience I ever had in my entire life.”

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Asked about Crews’ comments, Union said, “The only thing I know for sure is that Terry Crews gets three cheques from NBC [he also stars in the network’s sitcom ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’]. So, I don’t know if being worried about job stability — which listen, we all know that if you speak up about racism and white supremacy, you absolutely can be shown the door — I don’t know if that’s the motivation.”

She admitted she was surprised by his comments.

“If you didn’t have my experience, you also have an option to say, ‘I believe Gab, I just had a different experience.’ End of story,” she said. “You don’t have to do a press tour where your sole objective is to discredit and malign me. You know, I’ve been in Hollywood a very long time. There’s very little that surprises me, but that was very disappointing for sure.”

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She also discussed the awkwardness when a white contestant was costumed as a Black performer, an act that she viewed as racist, slamming her “X” button immediately.

“Finally the act is over and they’re like, ‘So Gab, tell us about why you hit the X?’ I’m like, ‘Nah, I’m good.’ Because the reason I can’t explain why Blackface is wrong is because sitting next to me is Julianne Hough, who, God bless her, she seems like a sweet person — who happened to do Blackface for Halloween!” added Union, referencing the controversy that erupted when Hough darkened her skin to impersonate Uzo Aduba’s “Orange Is the New Black” character at a 2013 Halloween party.

“I’m erring on the side of ‘Blackface is never good.’ But they want me to explain it and I was like — if I explain it, I’m going to remind everyone that my co-worker did Blackface and what do you want me to do here,” she added.

In a recent tweet, Crews addressed Union’s latest comments.

“This will be my 3rd public apology to Gabrielle Union. If a 4th is needed, I will continue to apologize and push for reconciliation between the world, and more importantly, the culture I grew up in. I’m sorry, @itsgabrielleu #reconciliation,” he wrote.

In June, Union filed a discrimination complaint against Fremantle U.S., Simon Cowell and Syco, with her attorney alleging that NBC Entertainment chairman, Paul Telegdy, “threatened Gabby in an attempt to silence her from telling the truth about racist actions that took place on ‘AGT’.”