Marc Maron Opens Up About The Loss Of Girlfriend Lynn Shelton: ‘I Cry Every Day’

It’s been less than three months since the death of director Lynn Shelton, and her partner Marc Maron is revealing that the loss remains “devastating” for him.

In a candid interview with the New York Times, the “GLOW” star, 56, opened up about Shelton’s death in May at age 54 due to an underlying health condition she wasn’t aware of.

“It’s a terrible experience but it is a fundamental human experience,” Maron said of losing Shelton, whom he had been dating for “a year and change, adding, “It’s as common as love. It’s devastating, but we are built to carry it, for ourselves and for others.”

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While their brief time together was “short and sweet,” Maron told the Times that he’s discovering how much he still has to learn about her.

“I didn’t know her as well as many people knew her, which is something I found out at memorial events,” said Maron. “There are people who have known her for 25 years. Hearing everybody’s experiences with her, working on all these films, I’m like, what stories do I have? But I realized we had a unique frequency to our connection.”

Maron and Shelton first connected when she guested on his “WTF” podcast, and they quickly recognized each other as kindred spirits.

“We saw ourselves through each other’s eyes. I was really the best version of me, the way she saw me,” he added.

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Reflecting on Shelton’s final days, Maron recalled her death came quickly and unexpectedly. She’d been feeling ill for a few days, said Maron, and had an appointment to see a doctor when she collapsed at home.

“I called the ambulance and she was dead within 18 hours,” said Maron. “Organ failure is the primary cause and then acute myeloid leukemia is what they signed off on. I went [to the hospital] that night and spent a few minutes with her body. It was the heaviest thing I’ve ever done. It was just devastating. I was blown out, totally traumatized. Totally heartbroken.”

Maron acknowledges that the isolation in quarantine during the pandemic “has given me is time to process and sit with the feelings. I cry every day. The shock and the trauma have dissipated a little bit, so now I deal with the loss… it’s been challenging to be in this much sadness in a fairly hopeless world. In terms of really experiencing the feelings that one has with grief and loss, I’ve had the presence to be in those. Because I have nothing else to do, man.”

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