Chris Evans is using quarantine to get in shape for his next movie.

In a recent interview with USA Todaythe former superhero opened up about his upcoming Netflix thriller, “The Gray Man,” in which he’ll be co-starring alongside Ryan Gosling. Of course, the film requires Evans to be in excellent shape and quarantine has provided him the perfect opportunity to work out, although it also means getting a hold of some weights wasn’t easy.

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“Quarantine has actually lended itself nicely to getting in fighting shape. There’s nothing else to do,” he said. “I, like most people, when in quarantine happened was like, ‘Oh, I should order some weights online.’ And apparently every single weight in the United States of America was purchased, and to try and just get a couple of dumbbells would take six months. So it’s been a lot of Rocky-type workouts of lifting just heavy objects around my house.”

Besides working out, the actor has also been putting in a lot of work on his new political website, “A Starting Point,” which features politicians from both sides of the political aisle discussing civic issues.

“You certainly feel that they don’t need much from you: they’re busy, you’re lucky that they carve some time out for you,” he said of the politicians. “They’re not being rude or disrespectful, but they certainly seem like their schedule is packed. And so you really try to get what you need as soon as you can and then …”

He added: “We do have fact checkers. We outsourced to a company called Countable for the first section, Starting Points. So if you’re looking for information that is actually vetted, we have that. (For other sections), that will be too hard to stay afloat in terms of fact-checking. It’s incumbent upon (politicians) to be honest, the way they would in any other platform.”

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Part of making the website a success was joining Instagram.

“I did Instagram just truly for this site. My team just said, ‘Look, Chris, I know you’re not an Instagram guy, but that’s where everybody is, it has a lot of young people that you’d be a fool to not use it.'”

You can catch the full interview here.