Dan Levy Recalls Feeling ‘Soul-Crushed’ After Interviewing Celebs On The Red Carpet: ‘I’m Not Ryan Seacrest’

These days, Dan Levy is the award-winning co-creator and star of Emmy-nominated comedy “Schitt’s Creek”, but in an interview with “Late Night with Seth Meyers” he recalled his early days in TV, when he worked for MTV Canada as co-host of “MTV Live” and “The Hills After Show”.

Once, his job required him to attend a big award show as a red-carpet correspondent — an experience that he recalled being “a disaster.”

“It takes a very particular person to not be soul-crushed by the experience of interviewing on a red carpet,” Levy told Meyers in their virtual chat.

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“Because let’s be honest, nobody on the carpet really wants to talk to anybody. So being the person that’s like, ‘Where did you get your dress from?’ — you’re inherently not someone that the person answering that question wants to talk to,” Levy explained.

“And yeah, I did it for the MTV Movie Awards, and it was like two hours of, you know, red carpet — you had to prep, you have huge binders of actors and what they’re here for. I’m terrible a memorizing things, so for me it was just a disaster,” he added.

“And the two-hour carpet ended, and I remember, like, walking around a corner completely dazed, and like burst into tears,” he added. “I was like, ‘I can’t do this again. I just don’t have it in me.’ I am not Ryan Seacrest.”

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Levy, 36, also discussed the astounding number of Emmy nominations that “Schitt’s Creek” nabbed, and why it happening on this particular year is much like a storyline in the beloved sitcom.

“If I could write a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ version of our team and the Emmys co-existing, it would have to involve some sort of way that we would never get there,” he said.

“The fact that we have 15 Emmy nominations on a year that none of us will be able to attend feels very ‘Schitt’s Creek’,” Levy joked.

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