A new female-led feature will be released in the fall, and a new trailer was unveiled on Sunday for “A Call to Spy”.

Directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher and featuring a screenplay from Sarah Megan Thomas (who also stars), the film tells the true-life story of Winston Churchill’s Second World War espionage agency, the Special Operations Executive (SOE), and its efforts to recruit women who were trained to become elite spies.

“In the beginning of WWII, with Britain becoming desperate, Churchill orders his new spy agency — SOE — to recruit and train women as spies,” the synopsis explains. “Their daunting mission: conduct sabotage and build a resistance. SOE’s ‘spymistress’ Vera Atkins (Stana Katic of ‘Castle’), recruits two unusual candidates: Virginia Hall (Sarah Megan Thomas of ‘Equity’), an ambitious American with a wooden leg, and Noor Inayat Khan (Radhika Apte of ‘Sacred Games’), a Muslim pacifist. Together, these women help to undermine the Nazi regime in France, leaving an unmistakable legacy in their wake. Inspired by true stories, this original screenplay draws on SOE, OSS, and CIA files.”

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Other stars include Linus Roache, Rossif Sutherland, Marc Rissmann, Samuel Roukin and Laila Robins.

During the film’s premiere at the 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2019, Pilcher told Women and Hollywood, “I was compelled by the challenge of portraying the journey of these women in a way that could show how the very existence of national and ethnic differences can stimulate deeper humanitarian connection. As we all face the current global epidemic of national extremism, it’s unsettling to realize we are facing the same conditions that set the stage for the Nazism.”

“A Call to Spy” opens in theatres and VOD on Oct. 2.