“The whole time, I just sat in prayer everyday making sure I understood how big of a deal this could be,” she recalled. “Yes it’s a reality TV show, yes there are parts of the show that are definitely for entertainment. But ultimately, this was my real life. These were my struggles and although they are used as an entertainment factor, it’s what I was going through.”

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Captioning the video, the “Dancing with the Stars” champ noted that “today feels really symbolic for me.”

“As I get ready to move into a new home, I realize that I am starting a new chapter and closing another,” she said.

Brown told viewers that she “took a trip down memory lane this morning” by looking at the footage and  journals from her time on the reality shows.

She continued, “I’m thankful for every single one of my experiences and the subsequent moments of growth, and of course, I’m thankful for all of you! Tough times don’t feel so rough when you have some pretty great friends on the internet rooting for ya along the way!”

“Cheers, to new beginnings y’all! 💛,” she added, concluding her post.