Even Andrew Lloyd Webber isn’t a fan of “Cats”.

The musical theatre legend and creator of the original stage show Cats has finally given his true opinion of last year’s movie adaptation directed by Tom Hooper.

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Speaking to the Sunday Times magazine, Webber said, “The problem with the film was that Tom Hooper decided, as he had with ‘Les Mis’, that he didn’t want anybody involved in it who was involved in the original show.

He added, “The whole thing was ridiculous.”

While Webber did not feel he had enough creative involvement in the film “Cats”, he did compose the music for the film and co-wrote and produced a new song, “Beautiful Ghosts”, for the movie  with Taylor Swift.

On his adaptation of “Les Miserables”, Hooper similarly enlisted the help of the original stage show’s composer and lyricist for a new song, “Suddenly”, sung by Hugh Jackman in the film.

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Webber has previously refrained from voicing much criticism of “Cats”, though in a recent YouTube live commentary over a 1998 filmed version of the play, he did allude to his opinion of James Corden’s performance as Bustopher in the adaptation.

“Bustopher without interruption, as I wrote it. Do not be beguiled by other versions,” he said. “Other versions with unfunny interpolations which I begged to be cut out. I did manage to get the worst of them removed. I cannot tell you how absolutely un-Eliot it all was in this song… He certainly didn’t hang around on a seesaw.”